Saturday, 24 November 2012

Mix and match for work

New leaf

Went through a lot since i last updated this blog.
Decided to take a new turn in my life.

That includes from a so-called an Apple user to becoming a Kimchi user.. ahaks~~ 
me such a traitor muahaha
Dont get me wrong.. the 'kimchi' i'm referring to is a Samsung product.. huhu what makes me change sides?? Because i'm so disappointed with the latest product of Apple.. xde penambahan baru lgsg! Hmph~ stakat laju sket.. n pnjg sket? Pooorah~ pergh statement aku.. marah koloni2 PRO apple..

Neway, starting today i vowed to myself to activate this blog again.. and scream my heart out here everything about myself.. be it my loveless life and my hectic tabib life.. and my interest..and so on and so forth..

Tahniah kpd diri sendiri~  clap2~
Sekian. Wassalam~~