Sunday, 30 October 2011

concealing the truth VS telling lies


a friend asked me between those 2 options above, which one do i prefer?
honestly, to me, it's like being thrown a question between being sodomized and being raped which one do you prefer?

both are equally bad.
comparing these two doesn't make any different. 

Imagine yourself in the place of someone whose being told lies or someone who was kept in the dark?
it's horrible, right?

honesty is the best

why is it so hard to tell the truth?
is it in your gene for being a liar? NO, IT IS NOT.
so far being in medical field, i haven't encounter any journal or any research saying such thing as the new discovery of sequence of gene that encoding someone to become a liar~ 

but, telling lies is cancerous, i must say..
when lies got discovered, you kept on telling another lies to cover the first and then 
if the next one was discovered, another one would come to cover the 2nd one.. 
and naturally
 you felt that lying is your second nature to deal with things in life... 
because it's easier to get away with things rather than facing it courageously..

and then
it became bigger and bigger, 
till you reach one moment where you yourself found out that the lies you were telling became more and more absurd
you build a barrier around yourself so that you won't blurt any of those lies

then you want to undo back what has been done
but you don't know how to undo the whole thing.. because you don't know where to start~ 
then you yourself will feel a lot more horrible than those being lied to
you will lose your friend
and the most important thing is
you lost your own good self

what is worst?
when the lies you've been hiding got busted
you lost the trust from the people around you
you got isolated
whatever you said, people will have certain degree of disbelief.. 
and you get a lot of 'cornering look' or suspicious look from those who listened to your words

pretty encouraging environment to live your entire life then, isn't it? (~_~)
try it yourself,then! huhu

that's why i prefer honesty
live a simpler life and be truth to your surroundings and yourself

last word from me:
"the naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie"

Cinta dan Benci

Cinta & Benci

tajuk budget best kan? 
tapi macam agak benar jugak lah dlm situasi yg berlaku skrg ni.

aku tengah bercinta ke sekarang?
bunyi macam sedang bercinta kah?
Errr NO, NO, NO..
kat sini aku just nk cerita kan apa yang aku cinta (suka).. and apa benda yang aku benci..
if dlm rules and regulations tu macam DO's and DONT's la lebih kurang..

dengar music
makan n tido ( ni basic sgt )
teh ais
muslimah fashions (konon2 bergaya lebih2 la)
drive jauh2
sahabat handai
honesty and transparency within friendship

taugeh, bhgn tengah2 timun tuh, tembikai
medical report
perempuan gediks
fake people
the feeling of lonely and isolated
liar (ni plg2 benci) - don't be a hypocrite ok?

pernah tak ada perasaan someone is lying to you?
u know, the feeling when a certain someone is actually trying to explain something that happened but you can sense something fishy.. something like u felt unsettled with those explanation.. i don't know exactly how to describe those kind of feeling, u just can sense it..
it felt like that person is not being totally true to you and there's something concealed behind all those explanation?
tell you what.. 
that experience is suck!
and i've been through that phase quite a number of time.
it hurts like hell.
especially the person who did that is actually the least person on earth you have doubt with or someone whom you have nearly 100% faith on that person.

and i just had that experience about 1 hour ago~

Please, my friend..
be transparent with me
though i may look stupid, i'm not that DENSE in detecting such obvious lie..
and for whatever reason, please be honest with me
i know, i'm not that important in your life,
but please...
i beg you.. for the sake of our friendship

Thursday, 27 October 2011

don't forget me, i beg

For the last 2 weeks, several of my friends are being transferred out. 
And another one bakal pindah jugak.. tapi tak tau lagi bile. 
tibe2 rasa sayu.. huhuhu 
bukan org yg kene pindah jer yang sedih.. but org yg kene tinggal pon sedih.. 
tapi nk buat macamana kan, kite kan kuli batak kerajaan~
 if tak ikot, nanti gaji kene berhentikan plak (it happened ok~~ in my hospital! baka~)

neway, i wish nothing but the best for you~
hopefully with the new environment and new experience will turn us to someone more mature and stronger than we used to be
harap2 tak lost contact
the most important thing of all, please dont forget me and our precious memories that we cherished throughout the harshness of our HOship and MOship
i love you guys~

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

blame it on me

it's my fault for being so persistent to get hold to something i know will never ever be mine. 
it's either my perseverance and en-durability are too strong or my stubbornness and stupidity ruled my cerebral cortex for not letting it go. 

either way it is, i want to be happy and be grateful for what i have now. in fact, i'm enjoying the present with several greater sacrifices i paid. i know, one day i'll lose what i held after some time, but i want to value the present. i refused to think about the future. the hopeless hidden hope that i held inside. in other word, i'm shutting myself to imagine the best outcome from what i endure but my mind has been focusing and expecting the worst from it. though, the chosen road was so winding and excruciatingly painful, i want to endure and let's see what comes along with my patience.

Please, Ya Allah, show me the way~

this is so emotional. 
so noooot me
( T _ T )

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

i'll be there

anhedonia. loss of appetite. feeling hopeless. easily got teary eyes over trivial matter. insomnia.
does it ever occur to you?
THOSE  are the signs of  D E P R E S S I O N.

it happened to me several times. rasa nye semua manusia pun pernah mengalami phase ini
memang hidup ini memerlukan certain amount of stress to help us to move on and grow. but some of the stress factor, if it is not well-managed and contained, it will cause big harm. to worst scenario, they got psychotic features and even willingly taking their own life away. 
It's pretty bad, isn't it?

sejak dua minggu kebelakangan ni, makin ramai antara my colleague succumbed to depression. 
Mostly, work-related and half of it personal-related.
Mine has always been personal-related. Ops, let's not talk about me (-_-;)

Anyway, it is really sad to see a friend succumbed to depression. Though, i didn't do much help but at least, i really hope my existence by his/her side somehow lessen the burden. i'll lend you my shoulder and my ears listening to all your worries. I do hope you can ventilate your emotion.

Dear friends, please be strong. 
This is a part of learning process. I'm sure there's hidden benefit yet to be seen by a weak human being like us. Smile and be patient. I'll be there when you need me.

 Just want to share my coping mechanism of stress.

pray hard and cry as much as i want while praying. then, surprisingly, i will feel better.

 i will dress nicely with brighter color to lighten the mood.

i will listen to fast-tempo non-depressing songs.

and i will find my friends to borrow their comfort shoulder, share my problems and make jokes and laugh as much as i can.
so far, it works.
neway, gambar hanya sebagai hiasan. 
yg monyet tu takde kaitan dengan yg hidup dan yg mati k~


Sunday, 23 October 2011

umbrella/singing in the rain

Umbrella/Singing In The Rain

huhu comel kan gambar nih? sharing is caring~ esp utk kawan2 kita sama2 kongsi masalah n kongsi perkara gumbira~

err tapi topic utama nyer bukan pasal payung nih.. tp satu project geng2 aku nih.. diorg nk buat videoclips.. so aku korek2 buat kerja rumah sket.. then wallah jumpa clips nih:

ni lyrics nyer la

Our 'School' project :
GLEE - umbrella/singing in the rain(lyrics)

Ahuh Ahuh
Ahuh Ahuh
(Good girl gone bad)
Ahuh Ahuh (Take three... Action)
Ahuh Ahuh

You have my heart
And we'll never be worlds apart
May be in magazines
But you'll still be my star

Baby, cause in the dark
You can't see shiny cars
that's when you need me there
With you I'll always share
Cause i

I'm singin' in the rain (we’ll shine together)
Just singin' in the rain
(with you forever)
What a glorious feeling (be your friend)
i'm happy again.
(stick it out to the end)
I'm laughing at clouds. (more than ever)
So dark, up above, (will have each other)
I'm singin', singin in the rain (my umbrella)

You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh heh~)

These fancy things, will never come in between
You're part of my entity, here for Infinity
When the war has took it's part
When the world has dealt it's cards
If the hand is hard, together we'll mend your heart
Cause i

I'm singin' in the rain (we’ll shine together)
Just singin' in the rain
(with you forever)
What a glorious feeling (be your friend)
i'm happy again.
(stick it out to the end)
I'm laughing at clouds. (more than ever)
So dark, up above, (will have each other)
I'm singin', singin in the rain (my umbrella)

2nd chorus
You can stand under my umbrella - umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)just singing in the rain
Under my umbrella what a glorious feeling
(Ella ella eh eh eh)and I’m happy again
Under my umbrella I’m laughing at clouds
(Ella ella eh eh eh) – so dark, up above
Under my umbrella I’m singing,
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh) singing in the rain

It's raining, raining~
Ooh baby it's raining, raining
Baby come here to me
Come here to me
It's raining, raining
Oh baby it's raining raining
Baby come here to me
Come here to me

(My umbrella)
it’s raining~ raining~ I'm singin' in the rain
Oh baby it’s raining, raining - Just singin' in the rain
Baby come here to me - What a glorious feeling
Come here to me -and I'm happy again.
(my umbrella)
it’s raining~ raining~ I'm laughing at clouds.
Oh baby it’s raining, raining So dark , up above ,
Baby come here to me The sun's in my heart
And i'm ready for love.

My umbrella (eh eh eh eh eh eh) 4x

sgt2 catchy lagu nih~ suka! suka!~
aku nk dedicate lagu ni utk sume kawan2 aku yg susah senang sentiasa bersama2~ 

akhir kata
::F R I E N D S H I P   F O R E V E R::
love u ols~~

someone like you

yes.. it's a title of a song sang by Adele

first time i listened to this song, i fell in love with this song right away~ the piano and the lyrics totally fit the mood masa 1st time dengar tuh.. memandu solo jauh2.. ala2 nk dekat senja gitu... perghh.. memang sentap la jiwa.. huhu layan jiwang sgt masa tuh.. ngehehehe~

let me make it clear.. i'm not at all related to the lyric of this song .. mellow sangat kan? huhu
but a friend of mine who recently just broke up sangat2 attached to this song and siap nak dedicate this song to that person.. bunyi mengujakan kan? bagi org yg didedicatekan lagu tu  mmg macam best la.. bagi yg mendengar disisi ni, macam sedikit terusik la jiwa kan.. (~_~;)

i know, that experience was totally suck and sume orang pon tak nak benda nih happened.. you get all depressed and feeling so hopeless for not being able to be together with the person you love,..  mmg hati tu R.I.P la masa tuh~ rasa mmg dah 6 feet under dah masa tuh kan... sangat2 paham~  hecececeh macam ade MBBS dlm kursus cinta lak~ *garu-garu kepala*

true.. it's a very sad song.. 

but honestly, to me, life goes on.. a break-up is just a break-up.. what we have to do is just pray hard and believe in Allah.. we never know what will happen in the future.. may be, this is just a transient break-up preparing for a long-lasting marriage life later on?? or if let's say you didn't get to be together with that person now, but then what if, you really meet your future partner later on and get married and be extra-ordinarily happier than you did with the previous person, wouldn't you be grateful that some of your prayers are not answered now?
i strongly believe, there's hidden meaning and hikmah in everything that happened around us.. i believe Allah doesn't always give us what we want because Allah has prepared for something that we NEED later on~ 

Ya Allah Ya tuhan ku, kuatkan hati sahabat-sahabat ku dan juga diri ku untuk menjalani dugaan hidup di dunia ini.. Ameen~


Saturday, 22 October 2011

word of the day

Helping others solving problem somehow makes me forget mine.. ya Allah.. Let me be patient and be faithful~

Friday, 21 October 2011

a little words about me


moshi~moshi~ sbb dah lama sgt tinggalkan dunia blogging nih, so i want to start fresh~ dulu2 i didn't even reveal myself.. i prefer remain anonymous.. Not that i did bad things that requiring me to do so, but my life has been so stressful and i didn't want to name those who hurt me during that time, so i hide mine also.. new blog, new start la heh~

the forgotten me was named Asliza. Very common name. My little brothers and sister all are having quite a long name. Kalau yang lelaki tu, boleh dapat asthmatic attack nak lafaz nama jer~ hehe tipu2... anyway, I, once asked them why my name was so short? i was so envious with my friends with long and pretty and very feminine name.. My name sounds so muscular.. Dont you think so?? But my parents simply said, the book of name was not available during that time.. I went like 'WHATTTT???' with obviously not-satisfied expressions.. And then they finally explained.. 'A' stands for my father's name.. 'S' my mother's.. 'LI' was my grandfather's.. and 'ZA' was my grandmother's.. pretty complicated name~ still, i pernah la jugak niat nak angkat sumpah nak tukar nama. huhu kelaka kan? and my parents somehow get to know my intention. Sapa ntah barua masa tuh~ grr~

but one time, my father told me, with this name, i got good results.. admitted to boarding school and got straight As ( zaman budak2 jer~) and with this name, i won several chess championships ever since my primary school and even secondary schools.. and i should be proud holding this name.. pandai gak ayah aku pujuk ngan ayat menyentap hati~ so hidup la aku ngan nama ini~ still hoping for a good thing to come in my life.

after almost 17 years of living, (masa tgh SPM tuh) then i'm so grateful for being named as short as 6 letters. Y? it's because it's easier to write down in any form and didn't take much space.. Save on my ink.. and save on money~ (err the later sounds so fake.. this is not me! this is not me! (x__x) haha )

my age? err it was depressing to mention it all. but numbers do not indicate anything right? as long as we feel young at heart, it's enough, right? haha cover la tuh~

currently i've been working as a government servant for almost 4 years.. yes, i'm a career woman~ OOO yeahhh~~ sounds good, meh? but NO, NO, NO... my life has been so busy and tiring. So stressful and so many responsibilities were held by my title. They said my profession has that 'licence to KILL'. huhu i've never used it though.. hopefully not also in the future.. But my signatures can release burial permit.. U want some? haha JK... So what motivates me for all this while is 'WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD'.. padahal tak la keje kuat mana pon~ huhu so i planned a long holiday every 2 months~ that's why i'm so broke (~_~;) takpe next month dpt gaji lagi~ huhu

my LOVE life... errr it's a LOVELESS life. ok pull stop. next topic~

macam dah takde pape dah..

pendek je rupanye introduction about me nih.. So kay~ next time bleh tambah2 lagi ajinomoto hidup aku yang tak berapa best tuh.. nk kene korek2 cerebral cortex nk tulis nih~  haish..

till then, chow~~

welcome back~

i used to have blog. the place i expressed all my worries and my worthless thought and my so-called loveless life. because of some stupid incident, i deleted my blog. honestly, i regretted like hell.  i'd guess old habit dies hard.. my accumulated stress of my not-so-important life somehow disturbs my ability to think straight and function as a human being. i need a place where i can release whatever i feel without telling it to another human being which i found sometimes burdensome.

so, welcome back to myself.
i'll say whatever i wanna say from this moment on.. aja! aja!