Sunday, 30 October 2011

concealing the truth VS telling lies


a friend asked me between those 2 options above, which one do i prefer?
honestly, to me, it's like being thrown a question between being sodomized and being raped which one do you prefer?

both are equally bad.
comparing these two doesn't make any different. 

Imagine yourself in the place of someone whose being told lies or someone who was kept in the dark?
it's horrible, right?

honesty is the best

why is it so hard to tell the truth?
is it in your gene for being a liar? NO, IT IS NOT.
so far being in medical field, i haven't encounter any journal or any research saying such thing as the new discovery of sequence of gene that encoding someone to become a liar~ 

but, telling lies is cancerous, i must say..
when lies got discovered, you kept on telling another lies to cover the first and then 
if the next one was discovered, another one would come to cover the 2nd one.. 
and naturally
 you felt that lying is your second nature to deal with things in life... 
because it's easier to get away with things rather than facing it courageously..

and then
it became bigger and bigger, 
till you reach one moment where you yourself found out that the lies you were telling became more and more absurd
you build a barrier around yourself so that you won't blurt any of those lies

then you want to undo back what has been done
but you don't know how to undo the whole thing.. because you don't know where to start~ 
then you yourself will feel a lot more horrible than those being lied to
you will lose your friend
and the most important thing is
you lost your own good self

what is worst?
when the lies you've been hiding got busted
you lost the trust from the people around you
you got isolated
whatever you said, people will have certain degree of disbelief.. 
and you get a lot of 'cornering look' or suspicious look from those who listened to your words

pretty encouraging environment to live your entire life then, isn't it? (~_~)
try it yourself,then! huhu

that's why i prefer honesty
live a simpler life and be truth to your surroundings and yourself

last word from me:
"the naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie"

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