Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cinta dan Benci

Cinta & Benci

tajuk budget best kan? 
tapi macam agak benar jugak lah dlm situasi yg berlaku skrg ni.

aku tengah bercinta ke sekarang?
bunyi macam sedang bercinta kah?
Errr NO, NO, NO..
kat sini aku just nk cerita kan apa yang aku cinta (suka).. and apa benda yang aku benci..
if dlm rules and regulations tu macam DO's and DONT's la lebih kurang..

dengar music
makan n tido ( ni basic sgt )
teh ais
muslimah fashions (konon2 bergaya lebih2 la)
drive jauh2
sahabat handai
honesty and transparency within friendship

taugeh, bhgn tengah2 timun tuh, tembikai
medical report
perempuan gediks
fake people
the feeling of lonely and isolated
liar (ni plg2 benci) - don't be a hypocrite ok?

pernah tak ada perasaan someone is lying to you?
u know, the feeling when a certain someone is actually trying to explain something that happened but you can sense something fishy.. something like u felt unsettled with those explanation.. i don't know exactly how to describe those kind of feeling, u just can sense it..
it felt like that person is not being totally true to you and there's something concealed behind all those explanation?
tell you what.. 
that experience is suck!
and i've been through that phase quite a number of time.
it hurts like hell.
especially the person who did that is actually the least person on earth you have doubt with or someone whom you have nearly 100% faith on that person.

and i just had that experience about 1 hour ago~

Please, my friend..
be transparent with me
though i may look stupid, i'm not that DENSE in detecting such obvious lie..
and for whatever reason, please be honest with me
i know, i'm not that important in your life,
but please...
i beg you.. for the sake of our friendship

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